Wells Hall Primary School

Key Stage 1

Our children say…

“We like writing in class, especially stories”  

“TT Rock Stars is a fun way to learn maths”

“Sports day was even better because we have helpers from Thomas Gainsborough School”

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Dahl Class

Teacher: Mrs Hammel

Support Staff: Mrs Howard

Potter Class

Teacher: Mr Mathews

Support Staff: Mrs Beaumont

Year 2

Attenborough Class

Teacher: Mr Moore

Support Staff: Mrs Reed

Jemison Class

Teacher: Miss Marchant

Support staff: Mrs Daniels

Welcome to the wonderful world of Key Stage One at Wells Hall

We are made up of 4 classes… The delightful Dahl class and precocious Potter class in Year 1 and the joyous Jemison class and alacritous Attenborough class in Year 2.

We strive in Key Stage One to give the children the skills necessary for reading, the confidence to write and a grounding in basic mathematics that will give them confidence in the future.

We also aim to foster a positive attitude to school and purposeful learning behaviours. We cover diverse topics ranging from familial history to the isolated Yanomami tribe of the Amazon rainforest.

We read and study classic books such as Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr Fox as well as modern thought-provoking texts such as The Rhythm of the Rain and The Proudest Blue.