Wells Hall Primary School


About Our Curriculum

At Wells Hall Primary School, we are committed to teaching a broad and balanced curriculum that is stimulating, motivating and encourages pupils to become independent and aspirational learners. We use the CUSP (Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership) curriculum which is underpinned by research evidence and cognitive science.

Our curriculum is vocabulary focused and aims to equip pupils with the technical language required to talk about their learning in a precise manner, across the curriculum. Knowledge organisers are utilised within learning modules to support vocabulary development.

Each curriculum area is taught in a series of modules which are regularly revisited within each academic year and also built upon in subsequent years. Pupils access mini-quizzes at regular intervals within modules thus challenging them to recall their learning. Research shows that both the ‘spaced practice,’ and ‘Retrieval Practice,’ embedded within the curriculum, enhance pupils’ learning.

Subject handbooks

Please click on the images below to access the subject handbooks.