Wells Hall Primary School

Lower Key Stage 2

Our children say…

“Our residential to Thorpe Woodlands was the best”

“History is exciting, especially learning about Romans”

“I really enjoyed the Art Week we had, it was really fun”

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3

Darwin Class

Teacher: Miss Hammel/Miss Southwell

Support Staff: Mrs Durrant

Oates Class

Teacher: Miss Yates

Support Staff: Mrs Durrant

Year 4

Lennon Class

Teacher: Miss Levett

Support Staff: Mrs Judd

McCartney Class

Teacher: Miss Ford

Support Staff: Mrs Crick

Hello from the hallowed hall of Lower Key Stage Two

We are made up of 4 classes… The outstanding Oates class and daring Darwin class in Year 3; and the marvellous McCartney class and laudable Lennon class in Year 4.

In the transitional period of Lower Key Stage 2, our unerring focus is on teaching the children the comprehension skills to fully understand what they are reading, increasing the confidence and fluency of writing that allows children to express themselves and stretching the Mathematical knowledge to solve progressively complicated problems.

We also aim to build and maintain a positive learning attitude and resolute learning behaviours. 

We cover a vast range of topics and time, starting in the mists of pre-history and travelling through to the valiant and voracious Vikings. We are exposed to diverse texts from the non-fiction Pebble In My Pocket to the selflessness of Varjak Paw