Wells Hall Primary School

Upper Key Stage 2

Our children say…

“We have lots of new lessons, which are interesting”  

“Active Week was the best week, the climbing wall was amazing”

“We love doing our Year 5 and Year 6 play at the end of the year”

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5

Banksy Class

Teacher: Miss Turner/Mr Smith

Support Staff: Mrs Howard

Dali Class

Teacher: Miss Corley

Support Staff: Mrs Brown

Year 6

Lovelace Class

Teacher: Mrs Instance

Support Staff: Mr Dunne

Pankhurst Class

Teacher: Mrs Anderson

Support Staff: Mrs Rivett

Ciao from the courageous corridors of Upper Key Stage Two

We are made up of 4 classes… Brilliant Bansky class and dignified Dahl class in Year 5 and the lovable Lovelace class and priceless Pankhurst class in Year 6.

In Upper Key Stage 2, children are provided with the highest quality of education, in an environment underpinned by our key values of respect, responsibility and resilience. Pupils can acquire the skills and knowledge appropriate to their individual needs, where they are encouraged to ‘reach for the stars’ through our exciting and ambitious curriculum.

To support our English curriculum, Key Stage 2 children also have two very well-stocked libraries to choose books from, which helps to promote a lifelong enjoyment of reading and a love of books.

Pupils are also provided with engaging learning opportunities and life experiences as part of our wider curriculum offer. These include residential trips in Years 4 and 6, whole school theatre trips, museum visits and even a planetarium visit as part of Year 5’s earth and space topic.